Problem with finding the device

Hello there! Yesterday I bought sonoff ZB mini extreme (zigbee smart switch). I connected the wires and I’m sure it’s right because I connected the device to bulb which shines. However I find difficulty with connecting the device through the ewelink app. I tried so many times, with quick connection, compatible pairing but nothing helps. It searches the devise for 2/3 minutes then it says “Device not found”. I tried to scan the qr code on the device but it says it’s not valid. What I am supposed to do. How to add the device in the app?

Your device requires a Zigbee bridge to connect. Have you got such a bridge?

No, I don’t have such thing. I suggest the fault is all mine, because I accidentally bumped into video where only the switch was connected and there was no problem with connecting in the app. I ordered the switch from aliexpress if it does matter but I assume I have to buy this bridge which is separate device. Did I get it right? Thanks in advance

You need a bridge for this device, but Sonoff offers many interesting devices that connect directly via WiFi. Similar to ZB mini extreme is:

which does not require a bridge. You were simply unlucky that in your first contact with this company’s products you came across a specific product that has some advantages but some disadvantages :wink:

In the long run, the Zigbee bridge will come in handy, as it will serve to expand the system. And let it be the Sonoff ZBBridge Pro version.
A cheaper solution is the @0o0o0o0 proposal, if you can return the ZBMINI or swap.