Sonoff basic switch


I have five Sonoff Basic switches, and I’ve noticed a recent issue where the LED indicator remains blue regardless of whether the switch is turned on or off. This has been going on for about a week now, and it’s causing confusion as I can’t tell if the switches are open or closed. Normally, when I open the switch, the LED turns red, and when I close it, it becomes blue. However, this behavior has changed, and the LED stays blue in both situations.

I’ve attempted to resolve this by performing resets, unpairing, and pairing the switches again, but the problem persists. I’m wondering if this issue might be related to a recent firmware upgrade.

Could someone please assist me with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!"

Please feel free to bring this issue to Sonoff team’s attention. Submit a ticket here.

cannot because the ticket page is always frozen at the I’m not a robot and fails to load the reCaptcha. so I cannot submit a ticket … I have contacted the support through the Ewilink app but they answered to contact my supplier etc, which didn’t make any sense … so anyone can help here?

Bad to know:(
You can reach out to the Sonoff team by emailing them at