Show the signal strength for Zigbee devices

Gateway: Sonoff NSPanel PRO

It will be useful to see the signal strength for each device connected, to have a better idea about how to distribute the Zigbee routers.

Wi-Fi icon has 4 bars where we can see the signal strength.
It would be nice to have the same feature also for Zigbee devices.
The Zigbee icon could have 4 different colors to identify the signal strength: green, yellow, orange and red.

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Thanks for the idea, forwarded this to hardware time for further research.

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That would be great to have on all bridge devices, not just NSPanel.
I also have some issues with one of my sensors, probably due to weak signal (keeps going offline from time to time), but I’m not sure since I can’t see signal strength. Signal goes through 3 walls with 5 meters distance.

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