Screensaver ihost cast

Is there another screensaver possible in the cast environment running from the ihost ? now a screensaver with time starts after 5 minutes, but if it stays that way for a year, my screen of the tablet is burned. Is it possible to make a screen saver, where own
photos can be used?

Thanks for the request, we will try to find a way for this.

May i ask the model of your tablet? The phenomenon of screen burn-in has become very rare on LCD screens.

Hi, it’s a Lenovo TB328FU ,but i have also had the screen burn-in with a Samsung A7 (not with a ewelink app) and it has an Amoled screen. So it’s not just a LCD screen. Problem.

We will consider adding the feature of automatically changing the screensaver, or make it dynamic.

before that, you can try any of the following:

  1. disable the screensaver in the settings of CAST app.
  2. or enable the timer to turn off the screen on your tablet.
  3. If you have a motion sensor, maybe you can create a scene that triggers the charger to light up the screen when someone approaches, for example.