Scene Management

I would like to know how can I know when a person acts the manual sena?
I have a sonoff system shared with several people and when they act the sena does not register!


You can’t, as named manual scene is triggered by users manually, so it designed not to send notifications.
But for shared device is another case, we will evaluate it.

Forward to @natalia.long

Thanks for the feedback. I am applying it to the industry as a sustainability project, I intend to install approximately 400 more smart devices throughout the plant. I’m the Manager of smart devices and the scenes would make it easier for each group to turn off or reconnect their sector completely, but it’s interesting to be linked to the account so that I have the trigger control per individual that I shared.

WoW, i think it is better to make your own management platform/control dashboard for such number of devices by using our open API,