Scene notification

I’m the admin of my home, and I have 5 other home users. I’ve created many scenes for the home security. But the scene notification only notify me (the admin), while other home members did not receive. Any ways I could do to enable their notification?

Hi there, what kind of scene notifications the shared users failed to receive? In fact, shared users are only able to receive the push notifications of the Auto scenes. It won’t be possible for them to receive manual scene notifications as the admin doesn’t receive any manual scene notifications as well.

The scenes I’ve created are quite simple.

If : CCTV Motion detected

Then : Push Notifications

Enable period : from 22.00 to 05.00

My objective is to enable push notification for my cctv after 10pm at night. But the push notifications currently on send to the admin while home members did not receive it. Anything I missed out?

Hi there, thanks for the details. In fact, it’s not a bug. According to current design, the shared users won’t receive the Push notifications even after the successful execution of the scene. Our tech team will look into this feature again and may bring a better solution in the future updates. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for the feedback.