S-MATE on/off events

I have an S-MATE connected to a MINIR3 and I noticed that only ‘click’ events are sent when a rocker switch is connected. Is this intentional?

Instead of just clicking, I would like to be notified if the switch ended in the on or off state as well, so that I can control another remote device, specifically a DUALR3. For example: switch clicks to ON-position: switch port 1 of DUALR3 on, switch clicks to OFF-position: switch port 1 of DUALR3 off.

Of course, if a push switch is connected and the S-MATE’s dipswitch is in the non-default position, only click events without an on/off state should be sent.

Is this possible?

There’s a dip switch at the side. It is factory set to the right for a rocker switch. Toggle that dip switch to the left if you prefer a pulse switch. No other options are available.
BTW, what kind of a notification “instead of clicking” do you expect?

Hello jam3, thank you for your response.

The dip switch is currently in the factory default mode for rocker switches and I have rocker switch connected.

What I would like, is that the S-MATE tells me in which position the rocker switch is after pushing it in one position or the other, i.e.: click switch to traditional ‘on’ position (wires connected internally) or click switch to ‘off’ position (wires disconnected internally). Right now it only shows that it has been pushed to any of the positions.

The point is that S-MATE does not switch anything. It only triggers events, thus rocker switch position is irrelevant.


I have just bought an S-MATE, and I am not sure to use it correctly…

The S-MATE is connected to a push switch, the dipswitch is on the non-default position.
I want to launch different scenario depending on Click, Double click or Long click.
But on the eWeLink application, whatever action I do, only Click appears in the event lists.

Is there any specific setting?

Try to add the S-MATE to the eWeLink Remote gateway and then set the scene.

If DIP switch of S-mate is on rocker switch position, S-mate sends one signal when S-S1,S2,S3 connected/short and sends also one signal when S-S1 disconnected/open. I presume the signals are identical, some TOGGLE like. On some circumstances, if one wireless signal is missing or the rocker contact is not very steady, clean, the remote device will be in a state opposite with the rocker switch.Rocker switch ON <=> remote switch OFF. Because of that synchronicity failure, the s-mate cannot be used to remotely send a state of a thermostat contact to a heating device. Thermostat on/s-mate closed could toggle off the heating on a remote device , instead of toggle on …