Routine sensor rain

Hi I have set up a routine that closes the curtains when a rain sensor gets wet. The sensor heats up to dry the plate and therefore as soon as it is completely dry, if it rains again the routine starts again, but the curtains are still closed. How can I prevent the routine from starting again in a short time?

Hi - It is difficult to make a suggestion without knowing what devices and app you are using. Generally, it should not matter that the curtain is already closed, if it starts raining you want it closed, right? … You do not explain what is supposed to happen if the rain sensor plate is dry - one assumes the curtain must open. Do I understand correctly that you just want to delay the opening?

Offhand I can only think of delaying the opening process, but then it would do this every time. You could set up a smart scene to do the following:

  • rain sensor is off (plate is dry)
  • delay 2 minutes (or however long you want)
  • open curtain

Hope this helps