Roomnames and headings disappearded. eWeLink app v5.0.0

Hi ,
my app just updates to v5.0.0 and I immedeately noticed that on the ‘Home’ page the names of the different rooms have disappeared. The links are present because when I randomly hit anywhere in the region the overview of available items shows the items for the different rooms. Switching from light to dark mode doesn’t help.

I als noticed that e.g. on the ‘scenes’ page the headings ‘automated’ and ‘manual’ nearly disappeared: less than the upper half is readable.
This also holds for the headings on the ‘Explorer’/‘Notifications’ page.

Devs , could you please fix this …?

Screenshots will helpful

Thank you so much for the feedback. Have you updated the eWeLink App to v5.0 via the Google Play Store? Could you provide screenshots or record a video to show us the issues?


Yesterday I have sent feedback about this issue through the app. This feedback included 2 screenshots.

The update of the app was done automatically through Google Play.
Op 18 sep. 2023, om 08:24, Forum8618826101392 via eWeLink Forum <> schreef:

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Thank you so much for the info. Have you logged in to the App on your tablet?


I mainly use the app on my tablet instead of the phone

Verzonden: dinsdag 19 september 2023 08:00


PeterGoGo Staff of eWeLink
September 19


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Thank you so much for the info. Have you logged in to the App on your tablet?

We don’t develop a dedicated App for tablets, so the issues will occur. We also duplicate the issues on the tablet App. We’d suggest you use a mobile App as the introduction of a new technical architecture in version 5.0 might have unknown impacts on the tablet side.

Hello. I have the same bug on my Samsung Tab and no problem on my Xiaomi smartphone!