Robotic lawnmower and relay to control boundary wire

Hello fellow DIY enthusiasts,

I’m in the process of setting up different zones for my lawn mower using a relay to control the boundary wire. The boundary wire, as far as I understand, carries an AC signal. My question is whether I can utilize this AC signal to power a Sonoff relay, or if I need to run separate power cables to the relay.

I’d appreciate any insights or advice on this matter. Has anyone attempted a similar project before, or can anyone shed some light on how to effectively integrate the relay into this setup? Your expertise would be greatly valued!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @skatun

No sure which robo mower you have, but mine uses DC for the boundary wire (Worx Landroid).

Also, I don’t fully understand what you want to do. I can set up multiple zones in the robo mower app directly - and it works perfectly.

Maybe you can explain a bit better please what you want to do

@andy.wolf I also have the landroid worx m700 plus. are you sure it’s DC? I thought it was a pulse signal around 30VAC

Our lawn is not really suitable for robot lawn mower so I have some areas of the lawn it alwyas get stuck, sometimes after 10 minutes sometimes after 1 hour.

Also Landroid only supports 4 zones and it need to drive along the boundary to get to zone 2-4… So for one of my zones it needs to drive 150m along the boundary or like i have it now I can flip a switch and reroute my boundary wire and it only needs to drive 8m…

So currently my setup I uses 3 way switches, however i would like to automate it. Like monday the switch should be in position A and rest of the week in position B. A switch is basically just a relay, but i dont really wanna run a lot of power cables around my garden, so best option is to power it directly from boundary wire, or in worst case have a battery operated solution.

Here is the location of the lawn

@skatun My assumption on DC is based on the power supply for the base station providing 24V DC

Are you aware of the Short Cut feature of the Landriod? I don’t know if this can be used for zone access

If DC, you might be able to use these - although you will need to find a weather-proof housing for it

The shortcut feature:

  • ShortCuts will be ignored when Landroid is doing the Edge cut routine. They will also be ignore while Landroid follows the boundary wire to reach a specific zone (if you have setup multi-zone).

Also you need the off limits module which is rather costly as well…

Well the boundary wire is a single wire, so using the module you suggest needs some hackering at least:)