Responsive UI for iHost on Smart phones

can you tell me more about this update. whether it will be related to MATTER HUB. or maybe something else. Will ihost be able to add Wi-Fi devices directly in the future, or will it be necessary to use third-party add-ons, as I currently use the ewelink smart home add-on?

will the ihost project be continuously developed? Do we have a guarantee that it will not be abandoned quickly? There has been no specific information about the development of this device for 6 months. :thinking:

The iHost is designed for people who don’t need or don’t want to use the eWeLink platform. If you want to use the zigbee gateway which works with eWeLink platform, there is a ZBBridge-U which wihout loacl web login and local system.

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They themselves at eWeLink don’t know that. As for iHost or NSPanel Pro, they have been telling all sorts of stories for the last year and there is no breakthrough. Although apparently, as @ward says, there is a storm coming.

CAST supports setting the phone view… I don’t know what phone you’re using, but in my case (including the various phones we tested dozens of different models) - the display is all right.

the problem is with small screens. Can’t display cast properly on nspanel pro screen.

http://ihost.local/ is not optimal for the phone.

Why then is there an add-on that allows Zigbee devices paired with iHost to be added to the eWeLink cloud? For those unaware and stubborn? Your argument lacks consistency.

In the last 6 months iHost got a version updated every month - fixing some issues and adding more device support.

The May release will be suspended . At the end of June, the eWeLink CUBE will get a major update that will support more different types of devices.

eWeLink CUBE (the system used on iHost) will keep upgrading every 1 or 2 months in the next 2 years.

Matter Hub is in the process of development, but there are some problems. At present, we will first stabilize the function of Matter Hub on NSPanle Pro, and then port it to iHost. Because this involves a lot of technical issues to solve, there is no guarantee that the specific time of its release - at least for now it has been delayed by more than three months than we expected

Which add-on is supported on the eWeLink CUBE to sync zigbee devices to the eWeLink platform?

so nothing will change regarding ihost until July. and the matter hub will be available in September at the earliest.
And what about thrend?
whether it is at all in the development plans for these two years.

None, I’m sorry. I got the Paral-Sync Add-on direction wrong. I didn’t remember because I got rid of iHost six months ago already.

What was expected by the beginning of next month is already postponed of one month… can you tell us what do you mean by “support more different types of devices” since it can be all or nothing?

Since you are saying that it will not see the light soon and it was planned for 2023, in my house it’s more than six months not three…

I know it very well… but then I will not see eWeLink remote subdevices (swichman R5) that you told me in another thread it is not planned to be linked to Matter.

You have to thank that you are located in China, otherwise you would have already received a class action lawsuit for false advertising…

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From what I read around it seems that Smartthings is the platform that support most of the devices of Matter. Is there a list somewhere before I spend other money for nothing?

This is another sad story of eWeLink. They don’t know what to do about it.

Again, you will become a prisoner of the propriety cloud. I won’t argue strenuously, but get yourself a Home Assistant server. Buy a Yellow or Green box or a Raspberry Pi 4/5 and support one foundation or the other with it. You can also set it up on an old computer. Thin clients, which you can get on eBay for very little money, are great for this. Maybe you have a NAS device that allows you to install dockers? Ultimately, you could try it with HassWP. HA has flaws too, but there is a great community working on development. There is no in the future, someday or we will consider.
As for Sonoff, you can easily add support for WiFi devices with the original firmware (cloud or local, including R5), all Zigbee bind flawlessly with ZHA or with Zigbee2MQTT.
Now I’ll probably get kicked off this forum :sunglasses:

What are you asking exactly?
Smartthings has had Matter since 4Q 2023 and Matter devices, both Thread and WiFi,link in theory all of them to a modern Smartthings hub. May be cases of capabilites in some cases but that’s a teething problem of many platforms.

Regarding Zigbee devices that link to the Smartthings hub, those you can see here.

Those WiFi and Zigbee devices already paired with your iHost( or bought in by eWelink Cube) will come across to Smartthings over the Matter bridge.
Note that these are all destination Smartthings use, the reverse cannot be done.

How is Samsung’s cloud/platform better than eWeLink’s cloud/platform? It’s still a propriety cloud and the cloud itself. Why would you want to be dependent on a cloud that you have no control over? You are left with a finger up your arse in the event of a mass failure.

With an on-premises system like ihost or Home Assistant, all automation happens locally. but if you need access over the internet, you can do it with the smartthings matter hub. smartthings cloud allows you to seamlessly access your local devices over the internet.

you don’t have to use the smartthings cloud. but if you need it, you have an emergency exit to control the house remotely.

What I wanted most was not to use the ewelink cloud, because it creates a lot of problems.

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How about a remote access? A router with VPN or Tailscale solution, for example, will suffice.

there are two ways. simple for people who do not have the knowledge, time or willingness to configure. or the second way for people who know the subject and like to play with the configuration. At the moment, this is the simplest and fastest solution for me. I don’t have time or inclination to deal with configuration.

The routines /rules run locally, as long as you take the precaution to not use triggers/actions that need the cloud. The app guides you here and posts a message to confirm

Virtual switches sent to Alexa to trigger notifications are local, although if course that depends on Alexa taking it to the cloud.
I have 100% local automation. The app connects to the cloud, but if I have an automated smarthome I don’t need to use the app apart from setting up routines which is it’s strong point. The hub connects daily to the cloud to backup, and updates (if permitted) when needed.