Remote monitoring using mobile 4G router


Hi. I’m using a sonoff metering device connected to an off-grid setup. I have connected the sonoff device to my sim-data router and it works perfectly, except when my phone is not connected to the same router as a LAN.

Is it possible to use the sonoff device and mobile router together and connect from a remote location on my phone to monitor performance?

Big thanks for any ideas!

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You’re welcome.
It is possible yes I myself use this way in my system off grid, only one problem is that these modems only let connect at most ten mac adress. I’m trying to see how to skip this limitation of devices connected to a modem

Meu sistema :point_up_2:t3:

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Thanks xtendedsis.

My problem is that only works when I’m stood next to it with my phone. Both my sonoff device and phone need to be connected to the same modem for it to work.

I want my single Sonoff device to send my data to the cloud via the modem. Then I want to be able to open my ewe app on my phone whilst I’m at work and see my live data. Is this possible? Have I set it up incorrectly?

Thanks again

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From my experience the best device for monitoring alternating current is the POW elite.

In my case I would like to have a device that measures the continuous current generated by the panelas :thinking:

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In this case there I’m reading the data of the Elite being it connected to a 4G modem and I on my cell phone being connected to a 5G network of another carrier.

So, it is possible to monitor remotely. Between being some wrong configuration on your device.

In time, what device are you using to make this measurement?

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Yes I am also using the POW Elite 20A. As suggested, I have obviously configured it in the app incorrectly.

Should I connect via Bluetooth when setting up so it doesn’t consider my phone as being on the same LAN?

I don’t think so.
Because mine I set up using the wifi network of the modem. There is a page where you can enter the data from the wifi network so it will be on the lan/wan network and you can access the data in the cloud, wherever you are. Mine I set it up this way :wink:

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