Push notification few minutes later

Hello there, please kindly raise a support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Feedback & Help.

This is clearly an eWelink problem. I tried everything I could try.

@pierre.chalange @vmhostell We found some Android phones especially some models from Samsung have the delay push notification issue, more specific is when the phone is locked or the screen is sleeping, would you please let me know your phone’s model if i missing, will try to figured out what’s going on.

But as @joennuh post,

OH, i missed this, @pierre.chalange @vmhostell does this works for you?

I also tried it on an old Note 10 pro phone. Same problem. Both my smartphones are from xiaomi

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Hi Yitie,

I Tried this already . My phone is Oneplus NORD , first edition.

Thanks for your help.

Copy that, tried but not works for you, right?

It’s quite wired, that the dev team has checked notification messages have been sent correctly and got a recall message from Google massage gateway, still digging.

In fact , it depends on how long it is from the moment the screen is coming into “sleeping” to the notification .

I mean : if the screen is coming into the sleeping state 2 minutes after I leave it , the eWelink notification is received normally within the 5 (or 6 or 7) minutes later. But after this delay , nothing is happening until a notification coming from another appli wakes up the phone.

Sorry for my approximative English expression…

Yes, i get it, it’s because the Phone’s OS have various strategies to judge when to ‘KILL’ the App, basically saying when the App is no longer active after X minutes, like discussed here https://dontkillmyapp.com/.

We have reported this affect directly to Google through this IssueTracker template.

And we still working on finding a way try to improve that, but i can’t guarantee, because it’s the BRAND or the PHONE manufacture’s strategy.

Understood. And thank you very much for your help.

I hope this to be figured out.

Ha ve a good day.

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Hi, I’m still waiting for a solution . It can take up to 10/15 mn for the appli to wake up my phone , unless it is already up . Any other applis work fine and push notifications instantly . I experimented this fact on my wife’s phone ( other brand) and noticed the same thing.

Hi Team, how are you ? Did you finally found any solution for this issue ? Please could you share it ? Thanks !!!

Still waiting as well !

I received response for my ticket ( My ticket is 209840 ) but my cell phone setting was already in “unrestricted” mode so it is no useful the response received.
As you may understand, it is disapointing to have such a good product but if I do not receive Notifications properly, and I mean for 100% on all times ( sometimes works sometimes not ) and fast ( not 1 minute after the event ) this makes my Door / Window sensor useless. For security reasons ( this is the door of my house ) I need something reliable 100% of the times.
Hope you could find a solution soon ( I see this topic and other similar thread in the Blog for more than 3 years ) …
Thanks !!

Hi Team, how are you ? … will you be able to find a solution for this ? … I also wrote in response to my ticket ( 209840 ) and asked to try to bring this issue and elevate it to management team. Thanks !!!

Check your phone settings to see if you have all permissions enabled for the eWeLink app.
When you close the app, do you log out of the app?
On my phone, notifications don’t come after logging out of the app.

It’s similar for me, and if the device is Android, it must have unblocked TCP 5228 output to Google servers.
As we know, all these notifications are based on the Google system Firebase Cloud Messaging, of course we are talking about Android, Apple has its own. :slight_smile:

As for delays, I also had them once, from a dozen or so seconds to even 30-60 m. So much so that I gave up on ewelink notifications based on Google.
And I am using webhook from ewelink web for private webhook serving front.
Macrodroid has a similar solution, but it is also based indirectly on Google and can also have a delay, although usually on average 10-20 seconds max, although most of the time it works quickly and correctly.
There are offers on the market for webhook services, most of which are paid unfortunately.
It works on the principle that ewelink makes a webhook call to the service provider’s server (not Google) and the latter, through an appropriate solution, transfers the data to your host, which may be behind NAT/Firewall because you maintain the connection to the server, so you do not have to expose yourself to the world.
Then all you need to do is implement how to process this data and spit it out as a usable notification.

There are also commercial applications with free plans that implement notifications…

It doesn’t matter what we use, the important thing is that the entire ecosystem is not clogged and does not rely on Google. In this way, you can eliminate the problem of delaying ewelink notifications based on the Google solution. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your responses !!!