Proof of Concept - Your comment/ input is welcome

I have been looking into HA (Home Automation) over the past 10 years and it appears that things are moving in the right direction. My goal is not to try and automate everything in my home, but to be selective about what I automate.

My main requirement is that the system should function during an Internet outage.

Secondly I would like to utilze as few as possible HA brands to miniimise integration/ linking issues.

My equipment is as follows:

  • 1 x Nest Hub Max 2nd Gen.
  • 1 x Nest Hub 2nd Gen.
  • 3 x Nest Mini 2nd Gen.
  • 1 x Sonoff iHost. (Linked to Google Home)
  • Multiple Sonoff Sensors and Switches. (ZigBee and Matter)
  • 8 x Bneta Smart Bulbs. (Linked to Google Home)
  • 2 x TP Link Tapo Camera C510W (Linked to iHost as an Onvif camera)
  • 1 x TP Link Tapo Camera C220 (Linked to iHost as an Onvif camera)
  • 1 x Bondfree wireless doorbell (Linked to Google Home)

Currently under consideration:

  • Smart Remote IR Blaster Hub for Samsung airconditioners and display lights that work with IR remotes.
  • Amazon Fire Tablets to work as displays.
  • Roller Blind with chain opener.

I am expecting issues, but hopefully with some guidance from this forum we will work through it.

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So say we all :slight_smile: