Power Meter Amp Clamp

Is there a product that will work with the ewelink platform that utilizes an amp clamp. Looking for a non intrusive way to monitor my house power consumption.

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For one phase Shelly EM + 50A Clamp - Shelly EM + 120A Clamp - All Product - Products - Shelly (you can use a second clamp if you want),
And this https://www.shelly.cloud/en-gr/products/product-overview/Shelly-3-em for 3 phases.

(not ewelink products but too good as well)

Will this work with the ewelink app? Looking to have my solar battery bank charger turn off when it is cloudy.

sorry, no english native
what does it mean amp clamp ?

something to monitor house power consumption

Yes it is a ring that goes around the wire to measure amperage. It is a non intrusive way to measure current