POW Elite missing scene

I see that POW Elite are not fully managed in CUBE rules and Nodered:
in rules you only have the option to use the “ON/OFF” state and no way to use the power consumption.

In Nodered no attribute is shown, so completely unusable.

Is there a forecast for when this will be fixed?

Hey, thanks for asking, we are working on sort out the exclusive features like power monitoring for POW series, aimed to bring them to iHost scene/automation step by step, this part will start at September.

As for using the power consumption as trigger, will evaluate if it is possible to get the date via LAN, let you know if we have some progress or free to check with me incase i missing something.

thanks for the answer, but it’s a little bit surprising that such an essential functionality is not supported yet.
Anyway appreciated the open and direct approach on the topic, hope it will be soon available, especially the trigger function.

Indeed, fully transparency, it’s hard to maintain the current version of Web while re-build it with new architecture, so we decide to transfer some to-do request to the new version, for accelerate the developing process by doing so.

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