๐Ÿ“Š [POLL] Where Do You Get Your Information About Smart Home Technology?

Hey guys, Weโ€™re curious to know where you usually gather information about smart home technologies. This will help us better understand the preferences of our community members and provide more relevant content and discussions.
Please select the source(s) you most frequently use from the options below.

    1. Official Websites and Blogs
    1. Tech News Websites and Blogs
    1. Social Media Platforms
    1. Online Forums and Communities (please specify with reply)
    1. Recommendations from Friends, Family, and Colleagues
    1. Physical Stores and Retailers
    1. Other Sources (please specify with reply)
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Mostly yt reviews (Bearded Thinker and Everything Smart Home). There are also Reddit, eWeLink and Home Assistant communities.
For example, Iโ€™ve found out from yt that Sonoff should release SNZB-04P soon :slight_smile:
It would be good if we could receive that kind of info directly, for better planning.