Pins and trigges

Hi there.
I what to add a pin number to a button, so that if i toggle it on by mistake it only will active with a pin number , an ex: let´s say i press the gate button by mistake it will trigger the gate to open by mistake if i had a pin number it only be trigged afeter the pin.
Thanks a lot for any help.

Useful but not priority to us :joy:, so much to do on the list.

Never the less thanks.

It would be useful…

Do you really want to run the pressed button or scene?

Automatic cancel say 10 seconds later…

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Considering, not the priority on the ToDo list.

I have created another eWeLink accout and shared the devices that i wanted to, then creat a CAST dashboard for my children, so no naughty or ‘mistake’ ON/OFF to my other devices anymore.