Simple button to do actions inside the NodeRed

@yitie ,

Answering your question from the closed topic about CAST:

I would like a simple button to do actions inside the NodeRed.
When I try to configure a manual scenes to do this task, only is possible to do actions with a device or delay:

My intention is change the Inject Nodes of NodeRed by buttons on CAST:


With this I will be able to ON and OFF devices, trigger scenes and automations using the NodeRed.

Can you tell me if I can do this now or if it could be included on next update ?



Do you have any solution for the problem above ?

Hey @Julhio, i have created a dedicated new topic here and move the post here, considering it’s CUBE related and should not be mixed with the web-based CAST discussion.

@Teki is NodeRed expert from our team, i have ring him to check and get back to you when he is available.

I saw you have same discuss in here iHost: Using ESPHome on NodeRed (without Home Assistant) - #4 by Julhio, hoping Jordan could give some help too.

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I understood. Thanks for the answer.

I found the answer on youtube:

Yes, this is made by our partner, I thought I’d post it today, but you saw it yourself first :grinning:

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