Paid for Advanced but sonoff zigbee not supported

So I have my home setup almost as I wanted. I thought I might use a tablet and wall mount it specifically for ewelink web app. Unfortunately the webapp doesn’t support my sonoff zbbridge and therefore anything else Which is linked via the bridge.
Is this normal and if so can I get refund until it is supported?

Should be supported, please let me know your bridge’s device ID and check with dev-team.

I took a screenshot of the device in ewelink mobile app. Please see attachment
Regards Michael

Hi there,
We can integrate ZigBee sub-devices into eWeLink Web. I’ve checked the road map for you, your ZigBee devices will be supported in Web at the end of this month. I will keep you posted.


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Hi there, your ZigBee sub-devices( from the picture attached) have been supported in eWeLink Web.

Thank you for your email. I actually tried it and I’m very happy with it
Kind regards