Outdoor Eye Camera (Ewelink)

In the phone to the ewelink app, the camera is added normally and everything works, but in the ewelink web app it shows “Device not supported”

Hi there, this model has not been integrated into eWeLink Web yet. We may make it possible in the future updates. Maybe two or three versions later.

Thank you very much for the information. I have one more problem.
I put a micro SD card in the camera and the camera did not detect it.
I tried 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Card format FAT32. The firmware in the camera is JZ-200BF6D.

Do the SD cards work well before you insert them into the camera? Does the camera successfully detect SD card before?

Yes, the cards are functional in recent devices (tablet, PC). After inserting it into the camera, it says that the rear SD card is not inserted

Power off the camera, reset and insert the SD card into it again.

Thank you for the advice, the problem can be solved by complaining about the camera at the dealer.

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