NSPanel PRO thermostat driven changes have no effect on other scenes


this is maybe more of a bug report.

I have the NSPanel PRO and a couple of BASICR2 switches and SNZB-02 sensors which together play a nice role of virtual thermostats. This setup performs well with opening and closing the valves on the underfloor water heating circuits.

What I wanted to add is another BASICR2 switch which turns on and off the water circulation pump. There are 2 rules I need to setup:

  • If any of the individual circuits is OPEN, the water circulation pump turns ON.

  • If all of the individual circuits are CLOSED, the water circulation pump turns OFF.

These rules can be very easily set up in the Scene section of the app but it turned out these rules only work for manual change on the circuit switches. Whenever a thermostat turns on/off the circuit switch, the scene is not triggered.

I’m asking: Why is it not working when the change is performed by thermostat? What workaround can I use? When this will be fixed in the app?

P.S. So far I tried IFTTT as a workaround but it doesn’t support multiple input conditions, the same applies to Google Assistant. Now I’m trying to deploy the open source Home Assistant on my NAS but it is going to be probably more complicated than I wanted…

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Hi. We’ll follow up on this issue with your feedback ticket.

Hello Erin,

Please, do you have any update on this? I haven’t received any response so far to the ticket too.

Thank you.

I have the exact same issue. Did you get any response?

I don’t think this was fixed. I found a workaround with Google Home. For some time now you can code the automations on https://home.google.com. So it was pretty easy to set up a custom automation with exact triggers you need.

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