Norton flagging eWeLink app as dangerous

Anyone else get this? Is the app actually dangerous?

Hi there, take it easy, eWeLink staff here, eWeLink always give top priority to user data security and privacy, and strictly comply with the relevant regulations of each country and region, like GDPR, Google Play and App Store will also conduct strict scanning of the app to ensure no security risks, we strongly suggested you download the APP via official Google Play or Apple App Store.

As for tips NO.1, We will not use your personal data without your permission, this usually happens when you submit a ticket for support or trouble shooting.
NO.2, eWeLink will not install another APP, would you please tap the “warning” icon and let me kown more info about this tips?
NO.3, there is NO adds via notifications, Norton may misjudge the device state changes notifications as adds, that happens because Norton doesn’t know it’s the way that works.

BTW, we will try to reach Norton to see if it is possible to make those tips more accuracy, thanks for your feedback and free to let me know any question you have.

Hi, the icon is for PUA - Potentially Unwanted Application.
Just FYI: I did download via play store, but Norton still flagging up this as this.

Thanks for the screen shots,
Some security scanning software has its own rules, but not all of them are necessarily reasonable.
Of course we will continue to strengthen our strategy to protect user data and privacy.
Please feel free to use eWeLink App and services, and reach me any issue you may have.