New B02-B lamps - Lan mode not available?

I just installed a couple of lamps B02-B warm-Cool white.
Install was fine, devices working in Ewelink and Alexa just fine.
App and lamps updated to latest versions.

However… all my other devices, Basics mostly, are set up to work in LAN mode so that I still have access, fom the app at least, if the internet is not available and my LAN/WIFI is up. ‘O’ the joys of rural wales!

The option to enable LAN mode is not showing up for these two new devices… Am I missing something?
Can I force it to show up somehow?

Should I have bought a different lamp? Again am I missing something?

Any and all suggestions welcom.

B02-B bulb doesn’t support LAN mode, so I am afraid if you need a LAN bulb you’ll have to choose another model.