More hardware information of iHost for helping porting HAOS

Early testing has been going great. So latest images are on github now.


Do you have an installation guide because I’m interested

There is not yet a detailed installation guide, although one will be coming. For now there are a bunch of hints towards to the end of this thread:

There are also some brief notes on the wiki, this will be expanded further in due course.

thank you for your answer I went through the linux distribution but that’s not what I wanted I saw that you did to port homeassistant but I can no longer do it hiost is no longer recognized on the pc to be able to clear eMMC flash so block

does it still boot to the linux distro? you can clear the eMMC from there if so
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M

If can’t get into the Linux, you will need to remove the right cover to get access to the internal maskROM pins.

ok I run the command on linux

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Now it will boot from the SD Card. Just flash one of the images to sd card with balena etcher or rufus.
boot.img.xz will install haos to eMMC (led will turn blue when complete, takes about 5mins)
``haos-*.img.xz` will run the OS from the SD card (no led indicator on this image, but landing page will come up after about 10mins on ethernet. http://homeassistant.local:8123)

great it works thank you very much it will help other people

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ezsp not found??

Zigbee is not autodetected, settings are here. you probably need to update firmware for ZHA.

ok so i have to flash it with homeassistant??

yes use the Silabs Flasher Addon and put a custom url to one of the linked firmwares


Same as what is shown in the wiki page. /dev/ttyS4



I stuck with an SD card boot.img until it turned blue, I removed the SD card and I connected an m.2 ngff to usb adapter containing homeassistant

Nice, how is the performance on USB? In theory SD Card interface is faster than USB 2.0, but the USB might be better at random I/O.