Measuring home power consumption

How are people measuring total home assistant energy consumption? Is there any sonoff devices that could be installed on the service panel/circuit breaker box?

Which country are you in?

Here in U.K. the smart electricity and the smart gas meter talk to each other using a private encrypted Zigbee network, so you yourself can’t get in.

However one company I know of have become certified to enter the network called Hildebrand/Glowmarkt/Bright(app). I don’t get why they have so many names. Even without any device you can sign up to the Bright App and get daily recording, but for live recordings you buy a device from them. It sends out MQTT and connects to their Cloud. There is a HACS cloud integration with their cloud. Might work for the daily amount for free. Not sure. For local MQTT you can read it in NodeRED. It’s a JSON object turned into a string.

I imagine other countries might have something similar. No way to get the data into the eWeLink “energy” tab that I’ve found yet. I think you’d have to create a custom tile on the iHost using eWeLink Cube API and created your own energy dashboard but I’ve not done so.