Machine translations on

Did you know that the machine translations into Polish on are sometimes incomprehensible? While the grammar and syntax are good, the vocabulary leaves much to be desired.
For example, ‘tablet’ becomes ‘small table’. It is only worse with vocabulary referring to specific products, services or brands. Thus, ‘Amazon Alexa’ is translated literally and refers to Greek mythology. Likewise, ‘eWeLink Cube’ which becomes ‘dice’. At times it is amusingly clumsy, at times it is difficult to grasp the meaning.
I’m probably right to assume that it’s similar in other languages. There is a distinct lack of a human-arranged dictionary, including a phrasal dictionary.

Hey Jam, thanks for point it out, we have aware that the Google translate is not proper to translate the website from English to other languages anymore, so we decided to deactivate the plugin and keep an eye on other ways like translate GPTs.

Sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding caused.