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hello, with the evolution of iot many of us want to have a local server to exclude possible problems with the internet. Why do I need a local server? Simple for safety, especially when you do various temperature conditioning at a water heater, and if you don’t have internet, life can be endangered and that’s why we need to be able to run the scenes and settings from a local server. How should the server be designed? I think it would be excellent for the server to have a wifi access point function, and to connect all the devices to it, a multi hub pro with wifi, rf, zigbee… I’m an automation enthusiast and I ended up learning a bit of Simens Logo programming and I would say that some things would be great if we also had gender functions on the server side, block design for devices and analyze and program part of inputs and outputs like a pro version. Thank you for considering my opinion and I believe that we will all have something to gain. I hope to have the opportunity to test a local server type product as soon as possible. Our safety and security comes first.

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Hey there, thanks for let us know your idea first, and we do receive several requests of LOCAL mini-server device or feature from our users time to time, can’t agree with you more that the security, easy to use, and 7x24 time online are critical reasons that people make the decision to transfer to smart gadget, and the cloud-server outage(AWS suffered us several times) or anyother downtime is ‘disaster’ for us too.

And happy to let you know we are in the process of working with SONOFF team to dig deep, to define what the LOCAL mini-server should be look like, what features should be integrated or supported, is there any chipset on the market meet the needs, etc, as you know it’s not a easy work and we are still on the way to figure out what the FIRST generation should be.

Here I add @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team in this thread to discuss further.

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Check this SONOFF New Product Test Recruitment Form – SONOFF Official

thank you for the feedback

I have an integrated siemens logo with pir Rf sonoff sensors through home assistant.

Yeah, HA is powerful, but it’s quite complicated for ordinary users especially those without relevant knowledge.


I totally agree with you yitie, and we want to keep the same ecosystem ,but which also develops to our needs and rises to the level of competition for beginners in iot

MORE ideas or suggestion about the LOCAL mini server?

Works out of box, just plug it in, without coding or extra complicated configurations are our visionary, we were and will try hard to achive that.

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I can’t wait to test this product. I saw that a beta will appear. It is a pleasure to be included in the group of testers.

I recently got rid of my vera z wave system that i had for many years and have also been looking for a new system i have looked at home assistant as well as hubitat … and have am excited to have found sonoff, i would also like to become a tester for this system

SONOFF is running the round 2 tester recruitment, I strongly suggest you guys fill the survey and waiting for reviewing from SONOFF.
There will only be a small bunch of pilot devices in the testing phase, so the testers will be more strictly reviewed.

Hi, could I receive a discount coupon for contributing to the idea of SONOFF iHost Smart Home Hub?

Hey there, the batch of early bird prices are open, please place an order as soon as possible if you needed.

and i will talk internally to give you a coupon code for other devices or one year eWeLink advance plan redemption code as a thank you for the local server idea, free to let me know which one you preferred.

hello and thank you for returning with a message, I would prefer a coupon code for other devices

No worries, will talk to SONOFF team and get back to you later,
@PeterGoGo please take over this, thanks.

Hi @cpamedia, thank you so much for the idea! Please kindly check your PM for the coupon code.

very big not justice at sonoff. I made and paid for the order almost a month ago, and only after my letter it turned out that they were not able to send to my country - Ukraine, although I buy goods on aliexpress without any problems. I don’t understand where this customer service comes from. It’s not fair!!! It’s not clear when the product will be available for sale and what the price will be, and it will most likely be too high for me, which is why I made an early purchase with a lower price. They offered to cancel the order or choose another place of delivery, another country, as I understand it. I tried through the seller Aliexpress by forwarding, it did not work. I keep looking for ways. But most likely I will have to abandon the purchase :frowning:

Regarding your order, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to find a solution for you. As a token of our apologies, we would like to offer you the same price of the product when it becomes available on AliExpress. We hope this gesture can help to make up for any inconvenience caused.

I PM you for further info, please check it, thanks

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Thank you very much for your reply. Of course, this would be a better option than nothing. Just waiting for it to go on sale. I didn’t understand what it is - “PM”, is it an abbreviation? The translator does not understand it. what do i need to check for more information ? Thank you for your feedback and finding a solution!

PM is short for private message.

I got your private message reply:)

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