LG ThinQ - App

I am discussing about LG ThinQ - App for TV,
How is it possible to “Link with third-party platforms” in ewelink.
If this is possible, then I can communicate with the LG TV through voice, because the ewelink App communicates with google home.

Hi there, we do did some research in year 2022 about linking with Android TVs, but we found out that the OS of the TV is quite diversified, though most of them so called Android TV, they are differ based on Brand and versions, we didn’t find a universal protocol or open API to integrated in the end, so we decided to put this aside until sth new we found.

Thanks for your clarification!

Hi @fatoslokaj ,
LG ThinQ App for TV is the weaker APP I ever seen and that I have.
It’s practically useless.

In my house I have plenty of different SONOFF products and they all work fine with Alexa or in the ewelink APP. But with my TV, that is integrated with Alexa by the LG ThinQ App, I can only turn it ON and nothing more…
It looks like an abandoned APP.