Is there a need to develop any REGIONAL payment plans for eWeLink Camera

the fact is that in my conditionally ru region, in which you can write Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. 1 month of the plan, for one camera costs 4,200 rubles, which is equal to $ 70. If I have 10 cameras, I have to pay $700. A resident of the USA or Europe, for example, will say so what? These are small things. But the fact is that in the above regions it is one and a half monthly salaries. No one will pay for it. It’s just not conceivable.

Prices are converted from Google Play or AppleApp Store based on local currency, and we have a flat rate in US dollars.

But what you said is really a problem that we realized, for different countries and regions, because the currency exchange rate, purchasing has a lot of differences; we can’t maintain the pricing for each region, but what we can do is, for multiple camera users, provide a bundle plan, less price, unlimited number of cameras can enjoy the benefits of camera plan.

Loop @PeterGoGo for further consideration.

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Hi there, we appreciate your feedback. We’ll look for an option for users who own multiple cameras to subscribe to a bundle plan. That means, users will get a more reasonable price if they want to have their multiple cameras subscribed to the Plan.

This is great news! Looking forward to it)