Iot solution on eWeLink

How using eWeLink on my irrigation system . there having lots of CCTV, temperature sensor and water pump controlling devices.

Can you tell us what features you need, or what scenarios you want to implement? This allows us to recommend suitable products or automated configurations to you

In my farm setting up a Hydroponic System , there have 15-20 sensors and Camera to monitor whole system , then i try to use eWelink as my control platform as well. please recommend me a solution for this system while I apply into eWeLink . thanks!

eWeLink web gives a bird view of most eWeLink devices, the ON/OFF state, voltage and current values, etc, far as I know they are working on integrate more device types into web version and allow live streaming form eWeLink cameras.
Oh, for other brands camera, they have a docker solution which transfer the stream form others to eWeLink, haven’t try it yet but I think it’s interesting.