Ikea VINDSTYRKA - Not compatible with iHost

Hi, the IKEA VINDSTYRKA is not pairing with iHost

Enabling the Zigbee2Cube also doesn’t help.

IKEA VINDSTYRKA is not supported for now.
It will be supported in near future version.

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Daniel, from eWelink support, said it should be supported…
Is it supported or not?

He said it is not supported and that it will be in near future. And it was @SuiKa and not @Daniel. Apart from that, it’s all correct :sunglasses:

You need to read the messages carefully before answering it.
You cannot ignore the commas :slightly_smiling_face:

I wrote: “Daniel, from ewelink support, said it’s compatible”
I’m not ansewring to Daniel, but saying that Daniel said the opposite.

OK. Let the guys agree on positions. One way or another - it’s not supported, and that’s the fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just tried once again, but in a different way:

I pressed the pairing button 3 or 4 times in a sequence and it’s paired now.
While the IKEA’s manual says to hold the pairing button by 3 seconds.

I can see the temperature and humidity on iHost, but not the PM2.5 levels and VOC status.

It was the same with LUMI TVOC (Aqara). In the end, I gave up. Now I have this sensor connected to ZHA. All entities are available. According to the HA forum, the same is true of Vindstryka. A separate issue is the frequency of reporting and accuracy. But the accuracy problem is with all the devices of this type that I know of.

Arrive in the next version if everything goes well!

So is this device. But Aqara has different configures in different firmware versions. Not sure if we can cover all firmware

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It was just an example to illustrate that such devices are problematic for all platforms, including HA, and that Vindstryka is nothing extraordinary as far as integration with third party platforms are concerned.
In the case of HA, the community creates quirks that usually solve the problem. Usually, because sometimes it doesn’t happen on the first try. This was the case, for example, with the Tongou switch and meter (Tuya), which we discuss in another thread on this forum. It took several months before it was successfully handled.