iHost Zigbee channel

Can anyone tell me whether the iHost will allow us to modify it’s Zigbee hub channel? If not which channel will it take?
I’m really interested in ordering but am a little worried with interference with my Smartthings and Hue channels, and also with the wifi.
I’ve dedicated a bit of time to organising these channels to avoid problems and the result has been almost spectacular in speed and stability, something which becomes more important every time I add a device.

Perhaps one of you guys could answer me here?

@Teki @PeterGoGo @StephenJ

Thanks in advance

Hi, the ability to modify channels is in the roadmap, but will not be implemented in the short term, may take months.

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for the 2nd question, there will be 11, 15, 19, 20, 25, 26 channel, and each device will be automatically assigned a channel when it joins the network, not fixed one.

:+1: Thanks