IHost to RF bridge link broken?

I don’t seem to be able to trigger iHost scenes with my RF device at the moment. I can trigger eWeLink phone app scenes with the same remote so I’m sure it is working. I’ve even recreated a test scene in Node Red on the iHost to see if that worked and again it didn’t, however if I create an ‘automation’ in Home Assistant (similar to a scene in eWeLink) it works.
I can communicate between the Home Assistant and iHost using MQTT on the Home Assistant and Node-Red/MQTT but node-Red on the iHost can’t trigger Manual scenes so I can’t replicate it because I had a button press set to trigger a manual scene. This is a good reason for you to enable manual scenes and enable/disable automatic scenes in the eWeLink Cube ‘palette’ as you could talk between eWeLink web and Node-Red on the iHost using the webhooks, although I think simplifying Communication between the iHost and eWelink Web would be sensible anyway.