iHost -> manual scene -> Alexa run

I have automatic scenes on iHost. I turn them On / Off using manual scenes.

I connected iHost to Alexa using Matter.

Is it possible to Turn On / Off manual scenes using Alexa ??


The only way to do this is to use Node Red on iHost ???

Register a virtual switch A with node-red ===> Synchronize virtual switch A with Alexa via Matter bridge ===> Set up automatic scenes: “IF” switch A on, “THEN” enable your Auto Scene.

So, Alexa turns on A, iHost enables your Auto Scene.

Thank you for answer.

I’m not expert regarding Node Red… I can do basic install with tutorial and make Sonoff devices visible under Node Red.

From your answer I understand that it is possible to control manual scene on iHost using Alexa. This is great news for me.

But… could you please explain the solution with bit more details and explanations?
or please show me where to look for more explanation? Anything which could help me to execute your solution.

  1. It is recommended that you set a static IP for iHost in your router to prevent IP loss;
  2. Configure node-red-contrib-ewelink-cube in the Manage palette of node-red;
  3. Once you have configured a virtual switch using the register-device node and registered it with iHost, you will be able to see your registered device and control it on the iHost Home page;
  4. Configure the scene in iHost;
  5. Use Matter bridge to sync to Alexa.

Thank you again for help.

I will try to do this at the end of next week. Will need more time for this.