Ihost network camera

Hiya all. I have been struggling to add network cameras via the rstp feed. I can add one and get it playing (at a very low resolution) but when I try and add a second camera it states the camera already exists. I am streaming it from an NVR using the same IP address but changing the channel number. Any thoughts?

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Quick thought, tha same IP address maybe caused the ‘already exists’ prompt, have you try to get the RTSP info and add it directly?

Hiya, I have added it through the “add cameras” and then “add manually”

Great to know, i have checked with dev-team, confirmed that for now only one channel streaming supported with one IP address, we noted this down and will evaluate it later, will be a bit complicated because the hardware codec capability and resource usage need to be taken into account.

Wouldn’t all of that have to be taken into account even for separate IP addresses?

Already taken into account, what I mean is that when the channel increases with one ip address, the consumption of resources may increase exponentially.

Ah ok. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I had use the low resolution stream, the high res wouldn’t load

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yo no he podido vincular mi cam slim al ihost siempre me da error