iHost Homeassistant ADD-ONS


Is there any way to install ADD-ONS to Homeassistant in our iHost?
(HACS, Terminal, File Editor, …)

This way Homeassistant is very limitated…


We are not familiar with Homeassistant, so you need to try whether it can install Homeassistant and Homeassistant addon.

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Thank you @Alexie

I too consider it a key value for the iHost if it would support a proper HA Version. That is: as long as the iHost itself doesn’t provide functions that Home Assistant has.
In my case I need to access data via modbus (energy data for solar panels). This works as an add-on in home assistant. So without add.ons, no modbus or other advanced features.
iobroker is ok, though. I can add adapters and include modbus there. So anyone coping with limitations in iHosts Home Assistant Container: You might want to give iobroker a try: buanet/iobroker.

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