Ihost cast

Hello is there an android application to approach ihost cast menu, or the only way is to make a browser shortcut?

only way is to make a browser shortcut

On iOS there is a cast app but only for tablets and not phones. My guess is that because android can also be both phone and tablet there probably is an android app. As android is less locked down than iOS I’d bet you could side load the application, but I expect it’d look bad. I have an android-TV and sideloading android Apps it a bit hit and miss as to whether they work. I tend to use Aptoide (in the hope it is there) to side load apps.

Have you tried sideloading this app

I’m guessing (like the iOS version) this is officially tablet only and the original poster means android phones, but my experience with sideloading phone things on my Android TV is that often things work, but look odd, need rotating and require a Bluetooth Mouse. Here I bet the UI looks weird.

These app is designed for the android pad and ipad, but not for the mobile phones.

But often the APK for the app can be sideloaded onto other size android devices and sort of works. I wondered how bad it was. You just need to allow the option in the android security settings to allow apps to be installed from outside the Play Store.
Also I don’t know how much work it would be to make it phone capable but as it has local mode and the iHost is local it might be useful if it worked on mobile, plus it might allow you to incorporate the limited basic functions of the iHost that need to be controllable from a phone (Zigbee pairing, battery status and reboot). Most things can be done from big screens but a few things are really annoying if you have to turn on your computer or go to the iHost.

The CAST App is just a browser shell, and it doesn’t differ much from when your mobile browser shortcut directly from your phone - only the style locks the full screen and hides the address bar

I’ve added the cast link to my Home Screen on my iPhone but, as others have said, it just opens in Safari with url bar etc.

Have you considered adding the following to the cast page so it opens without the url bar.

Set the apple-mobile-web-app-capable meta tag to yes to turn on standalone mode. For example, the following HTML displays web content using standalone mode.


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But you could use it on the phone to access the really simple things that aren’t possible in cast

  1. Zigbee pairing on iHost
  2. check batteries on iHost
  3. reboot iHost
    Without resorting to a new app or adjusting the iHost web server.
    There may be other really important things that need to be possible from a phone but those are the three I’ve discovered by having had the iHost for several months.