Cast app on phone

I suppose the cast app will also work on my phone, but how to connect?
You get de QR code, but my ewelink app is on the same phone, so I don’t not how to get further.
In a video it als shows a login screen, but I cannot find that!

CAST app is not designed to run on phones, it’s currently built to run on pad- the goal is to turn your pad into a central screen

I think the CAST app is not designed for the phone but the tablets, so we can take advantage of the big screen for so many devices we have, and choose some widgets that supported like Weather and Calendar, actually I like this idea so I can set up a dashboard for my devices without settings, efficiency and easy to use.

Also found a video from the YouTube channel of eWeLink to show how to use the cast app

One more thing that I expected from the team is they can resize the local cast from ihost to compatible with tablets screen, for now. It’s so big and it seems designed for PC web, not compatible well.