Ihost cast in the same update as ewelink cast

ihost cast does not do all the functions or customization of ewelink cast

We expect to start upgrading the CAST feature on ihost in the second quarter to make it as same as possible to the eWeLink CAST feature on cloud.

At present, eWeLink CAST is still evolving and is expected to have many new features by mid-year. When it is stable, we will port it to ihost.

Does the ewelink cast’s temperature graph also get the dynamic range of iHost charts (ewelink CUBE)? It’s not so realistic to start an indoor temperature graph from 0 degrees Celsius. And what about the decimal places of the displayed values: iHost: no decimals, ewelink: one decimals for temperature and humidity values on the graphs?

“When it is stable” - this is a great acknowledgement of how the iHost is still really in a beta testing phase!