iHost and Unifi controller add-on

So, basically, I really new to this world of dockers… But, right now I’m trying to make my house automatized, and I’m using a lot of zigbee sensor, switches, plugs and Wifi sensors as well.

One month ago, I bought the Sonoff iHost as it can be used as local server for all this sensors. As a plus of this device, we can run some docker systems in it. And, I have a Unifi internet system in my house too, so now I’m trying to run a docker inside of this Ihost, but always when I try, a new error shows up and now I’m really frustrated with this.

Can you guys help me? How can I proceed or have any other user of iHost that uses the Unifi controller inside of it?

Errors Line that appear: 2023-09-29T22:40:44.513798452Z exec /init: exec format error

I’m using the linuxserver/unifi

Third-party add-on may require some parameters to be filled in, did you follow their document to setup the parameters?