I host scenes bub

Today I’ve found a bug using the ihost smart scenes.
Using a TH16R2 device temperature or humidity settings.
In ihost web interface appears only the value equal or lower. The equal or higher is missing.

For now a smart device can be selected once in a scene, you can create 2 Scenes to meet your needs.
Scene 1 If x ≤Temp
Scene 2 If Temp ≤ y

Dear Teki, thanks for reply but I need to manage the falling and raising temperature.
Not only the falling.
Se the attached image from my Ewelink APP.

the left blank is for the equal or higher. please double-check.

Dear Daniel, I’ve tested the scenes as per your suggestion.
I confirm that the greater or equal value must be inserted in the leftmost box.
Please infor the devoloppers about the representation error.
Thank for support.

Please double check

Value1 ≤ Temp ≤ blank
Means temperature greater than the Value1 you set.
blank ≤ Temp ≤ Value2
Means temperature less than the Value2 you set.