I can't find a tasmota device

I have a sonoff-tasmota device in the network

I can work with sonoff-tasmota in Node Red…but I don’t see it in tasmota from iHost

maybe I’m doing something wrong with the settings… I’ve attached 3 photos

can you confirm that your MQTT broker allow anonymous login?

yes…confirm… and in Node Red, the connection with sonoff-tasmota works through the same mqtt broker…without user…without password

vin., 14 iul. 2023, 13:13 Teki via eWeLink Forum <notifications@ewelinkforum.discoursemail.com> a scris:

you have an ancient version of tasmota that will not work with the addon

ok…I will update

vin., 14 iul. 2023, 20:02 Blakadder Home via eWeLink Forum <notifications@ewelinkforum.discoursemail.com> a scris: