How to set the camera (SONOFF GK-200MP2) so that it does not turn off in the eWeLink Cast dashboard and the preview window remains on non-stop? And a few more questions about eWelink Cast

I have an eWeLink Cast dashboard on a 10" tablet (Win10), I have a few questions below.

  • I would need the camera window (surveillance) on the dashboard to be always on and to be able to monitor the activity of the place non-stop.

  • is it possible to change the size of other widgets on the dashboard, adapt them? (I know about the preview from the camera in full window)

  • the background color, will it also be black or even better a complete dark skin?

  • option to automatically change/adjust the size of widgets when changing window dimensions (Edge tab, Chrome)?

  • the sensor widgets work and show the current temperature and humidity, but the larger graph widget does not work, there are zero values.

If you’re using eWeLink CAST with eWeLink cloud, The camera video data needs to be converted to WebRTC through the cloud before being sent to the browser for CAST display - This takes server resources, so non-stop is impossible - we can’t afford that.

Thank you for answer.