How to import ZigBee devices already added to eWeLink App

I already had a eWeLink add which have 50+ devices including WiFi and ZigBee devices .
Only the Wifi devices got added to iHost when I linked the eWelink account with iHost.

Any know, how to get all Zigbee devices added to eWeLink app be made available in iHost?

Just one by one directly in iHost, but first you have to delete each of them from the app, and then put the iHost in pair mode and push the RST button on each device. In other words you can’t have the Zigbee devices in both app and iHost in same time, like WiFi devices. And another thing for now not all the WiFi devices can be synchronized with iHost, please consult the list on the official sites. For now you can just learn and experience a new toy: iHost!