How to add a custom Zigbee sensor

Hi, I want to add a vibration sensor to iHost, it is on 1.13.7.
The sensors are found and added, but on the home screen i see “Not supported yet”.
for the _TZ3000_bmfw9ykl i can see the battery state and ID, for the _TZ3000_lzdjjfss only the ID.
Can I add them somehow, defining a driver or so?

No, you can’t. As you can see, the device is not supported. I t may be supported one day at the time but do not take it for granted.

Thank you for your answer!
I think it would be logical if there would be an option to configure random zigbee devices. As I see the iHost has a lot of potential, but on the device side it is a bit limited yet. Thanks!