How Switch off ZBMINI-L2 after 5 mins after switched on?

HI All,

All I’m trying to achieve is:

  1. When the ZBMINIL2 is switched on via external light switch
  2. Delay for 5 mins
  3. the automatically switch off the same ZBMINIL2

How can this be done? I’m willing to try any hub, iHost, or suggestion


You can do it by creating a manual scene like this:

Tap to perform

ZB MiniL2 is switched on
Delay for 5 mins
ZB MiniL2 is switched off

Please kindly note that you cannot add the same device to both condition and action cause it will result in endless looping.

Thanks makes sense

Can I add the ZBMINI-L2 to NodeRed on the iHost ?

Yes, you can add it to NodeRed.


but I have tried to sync or refresh the device list on the iHost add-on ewelink/ewelink-smart-home and still not showing on the device list. And then I would assume it will not be available on the NodeRed add-on list? I do see the ZBMINIL2 on my iPhone ewelink app and works fine.

what I’m I doing wrong ?

Did you add ZBMINIL2 to other Zigbee bridge? Please kindly add this device to iHost first.