How do I connect my EZviz camera?

I want to link ezviz account. Unfortunately it is greyed out. App states “Only support linking with EweLin…” So the sentence can’t be read. No way to see what the reasn is. Please see my screenshot. I tried to put the phone to landscape mode but the app don’t support it? Please help

I’ve asked the same question regarding Midea Smart Home (greyed out).
It’s probably the same reason.
You can find more info here:

Hi henrivonsteen, please kindly note that viewing EZVIZ cameras in eWeLink App is not supported now.

Hi Undeene, actually, linking eWeLink account to Midea is only available to users in China. Users from any other regions will not be able to do this account linking.

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Yes, I am aware of that, that’s why I linked my post from before.
Since descriptions for Midea and EZVIZ are the same (incomplete and greyed out), I assumed that it could be the same reason, region locked.
Thx for the explanations, btw.