How connect two-way switch to zbminil2

How connect two-way switch to zbminil2. Normally there are 2 cables and we connect them to lin and lout. There are 3 cables in the two-way switch. How should I do it?

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ZBMINI-L2 cooperates with mono- and bi-stable buttons and can be connected in a staircase configuration, i.e. in addition to controlling lighting wirelessly, we can switch lighting on and off with two wall switches. Sonoff in this configuration must be installed in such a place in the electrical installation that all wires, i.e. the wire going to the lighting and the wires going to both wall switches, are in one box.

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When I say two-way switch, what I mean is not managing the switch manually and wirelessly. In our language, it is called a vaviyen switch. You can control a single lamp with 2 switches. When you turn on the light with one switch, you can turn it off with the other. It is generally used in houses with stairs.

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In other words, a two-way switch that is usually connected in a staircase configuration. This is what I have written about. Anything wrong with that?

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You are right, I misunderstood. So can you explain in a simpler way how to make the connection?

Look at the diagrams provided earlier. You can figure it out yourself.
Other option is BASICR4. This device performs a trick called Magic Switch Mode. If there’s enough space in your lighting fixture (e.g. in its base), you better go for magic. In this case, you will connect BASICR4 between the power line and the lamp, as in the attached diagram. You will replace the existing switches with two double pole rocker switches, which will need to be connected in series and both bridged.

I don’t know where I went wrong, I would be glad if you could help me. When zbminil2 is open in the Ewelink application, I can turn the light on and off from the button on the wall, but when it is closed from within the application, the wall button cannot turn on the light.

Is it a button or a (regular) switch that is hardwired to ZBMINI-L2?


Supported switches are rocker switch and momentary switch (door bell type). The device supports rocker switch by default. It looks like you may want to change the switch type. Press/switch it 3 times in a row and see the green LED flashing 3 times quickly. When it does so, the switch type is changed successfully.