Zbmini support question

I’ve tried to connect three zbmini switches today, but with no success. I did the connections like given on the wiring instruction page of the included manual:
1st terminal incoming N
2nd terminal incoming N (connected to the lamp’s blue wire)
3rd terminal incoming L (brown wire)
4th terminal outgoing L (connected to the lamp’s brown wire)
S1 wire going to the switch
S2 wire coming from the switch

The issue is, that with several zbminis situation is the same - i can turn on and off the light either with the button on the zbmini itself or from ewelink app (or from home assistant), but not with the rocker / toggle switch (two positions, on-off) that’s connected.
The only option with the physical switch is the push button type of switch (push and then back to original state).

On the other hand I have zbmini in place with the rocker / toggle switch like https://www.se.com/ww/en/product/SDN0400121/sedna-1pole-2way-switch-10ax-without-frame-white/ and it works.

So it must be something related to the “mode” of the zbmini.

Please help to resolve this issue.